Big Dog Little Dog Logo

A well-designed logo can help the success and growth of a company. For Big Dog Little Dog, the target audience are pet owners of all ages, with a welcoming feel of a modern “kids” daycare for dogs.


First version

After font studies and sketching I had a lot of ideas flowing. I knew my client would want to see multiple concepts and ideas before deciding to move in a specific direction.

Second version

The client wanted to see a version with a cut-outĀ of her 3 dogs, as well as a few cartoon-like dogs. I incorporated this idea in along with the other logo concepts she liked from Round 1.

Third version

The client liked a horizontal and a vertical version of the outline of her dogs. Next step was to narrow down the fonts and try a few different color palettes.

Final logo

The client decided with the first version from Round 3. The colors really convey the style she was wanting to achieve and the fonts speak to the brand being fun and friendly.

Style guide

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