Manage My Home is an app created for the Sears Home Services business that simplifies a customer’s home management experience. This revolutionary app includes all of your warranty/protection information, appliance manuals, maintenance calendars, access to online tech support, DIY parts, and expert appliance repair support from Sears Home Services.

CompanySears Home ServicesServicesUX Design, UI DesignYear2018

Manage My Home App on iPhone

Pain points

Main results from alpha testing of 8 internal participants over the course of 4 weeks:

•  Difficulty signing in – logos are not visible enough and it’s unclear what to use to sign in or sign up.
•  Users aren’t able to see all of their appliances they own.
•  Settings and menu are unclear.
•  No editing functionality in account.
•  Users with multiple homes cannot add a 2nd or 3rd home.

Menu / Settings



• Gather requirements
• Define personas
• Use cases & user stories


• Competitor analysis
• Research latest UX trends


• Sketch ideas
• Sketch wireframes
• Repeat


• Layout wireframes
• Define UX guidelines
• Design pages & flows


• Create in InVision

06. TEST

• Handoff for user testing


Ellen Empty Nester

“I love to stick with the brands I know and trust, but my kids have shown me that there are these new companies out there that can do things better, faster and quicker.”

User story:

Ellen Empty Nester purchased a Sears Home Warranty to cover all her home’s appliances and systems. She likes that her user profile tells her what’s covered and an easy way to make claims when something goes wrong.

Paloma Professional

“I don’t want to spend time or energy thinking about taking care of my home. I just want it to be done.”

User story:

Paloma Professional is the lead in her house when it comes to getting things repaired. Her SHS profile is a great way to see all her service history for each appliance and quickly book service when something needs to be fixed.

Marcus Millenial

“Getting my washing machine repaired should be as easy as using Uber.”

User story:

Marcus Millenial just purchased his first home and likes that he can easily register all his home’s appliances and access manuals, see how old they are and quickly book service when something needs to be fixed.


Based on user feedback, the important areas to focus on were the login flow, the homepage, the menu, and the account page.

Login flow

I made slight UI updates as well as added new functionality of social media login. This flow was created so the user could find their Sears information easily.


The main page of the app tested fairly well, but I wanted to update the UI to mainly attract the younger persona of Marcus Millenial. I felt the card design was constricting and a bit dated, though can still be helpful for a modular design. I created a clean and modern design to with more white space and less boxes.

The original design categorized users appliances into odd categories that were confusing. I removed the categories and put all categories into “My Products” with a filter button to show warranty covered appliances, and non-warranty covered appliances. This is a great piece to test for Beta testing.


The menu did not have a standard menu feel and the page seemed confusing. I updated the design to have a slide function to the right and the menu appears below. Using standard practices will help the user feel more at ease using the product.


The account page needed some cleaning up, as well as adding in functionality for a user to have multiple properties.

Privacy Preference Center